Utah is the most Republican State in the nation and some people don’t like that. We have a very conservative government because of our Party Caucus system. Those who care enough to attend their caucus are usually people who also study up on issues and are highly informed. One need not study much before realizing the benefits of being conservative and the fallacies of liberal governance. Not being able to make headway through the caucus system some of the more moderate and liberal elements have changed the law to break it. They feel our platform is too conservative and that we have ousted too many RINOs (Republican in name only). They want change. But why would we change? Look at our results.

Utah Awards:

-Best manged State in the Nation

-Best financially managed State in the Nation

-Best State for Business and Careers by Forbes

-Best State for using Technology in Nation

We have wonderful family values, support traditional marriage (changed only by the courts), and parental rights. Our unemployment is among the lowest in the nation. Our housing market has not suffered nearly as badly as the nation as a whole. Businesses are fleeing California and are coming to Utah like Adobe, Ebay, Oracle, ….

I strongly support the Republican Party and our caucus system. Remember when everyone predicted doom to our Party when we closed our primaries? It didn’t happen.