The Utah State Senate, the House of Representatives and the Governor, do a great job of balancing the state budget every year. Our debt is low and therefore our state has one of the best bond ratings of any state in the nation. Yet we have good infrastructure and an economy that has fared much better than the nation as a whole, particularly during this Obama administration nightmare. We have a modest tax structure and it is important to keep it that way. The very best way to stimulate the economy and enjoy a prosperous lifestyle as a citizenry is to keep our taxes low. We are so much better at spending our own money than the government is.

Being a CPA, I am very analytical and love numbers. I am also very frugal and thrifty (tightwad). Waste really irritates me. I believe if the economy is bad and tax revenues decrease government should cut back accordingly, not increase taxes.

For any bill that comes before the legislature which raises taxes, increases spending or grows the size of government, I pledge to closely follow Ronald Reagan’s advice when he said: “I [will] consider all proposals for government action with an open mind before voting “no.””