We have a history of good legislation, and good legislators, in the state of Utah. For the most part, they are ethical people who disagree passionately, but who do so with respect and integrity. We currently have tough ethical standards, which should be maintained and strengthened where necessary. For example, state senators are required to reports gifts of $10 or more under current law.

Some groups advocate the establishment of an independent board, which would be a new layer of government. Over time, “independent”boards like this usually end up being run mostly by liberal individuals who are unable to get elected to public office themselves and want to use the media establishment to guide opinion away from conservative ideals. Independent means unaccountable. I am opposed to these boards.

We need to continue to elect good, honest people to our legislatures and reprimand or expel those who are found to have violated our trust. We should expect high standards from our elected officials and be tough on those who do not live up to those standards. This is the job you elected your legislators to do, and I pledge to do this job in an ethical, respectful manner, and will demand the same of my fellow legislators.